We are excited to share a deeper glimpse in to the dynamic themes explored through the film. Living In The Future's Past incorporates a vast array of educational disciplines that include but are not limited to, philosophy, evolutionary biology, physics, ecology, cultural anthropology, psychology, chemistry, sociology, metaphysics, spirituality, natural resources, history, mindfulness and political theory, and economics. We encourage you to share these lessons and insights with your students, friends, family, and beyond.

"Efficacy is the ability to produce a desired result. But are the results we're achieving, the ones we intent? Our intelligence is remaking the world before our eyes. What kind of future do you want to see?

-Jeff Bridges



Living In the Future's Past has been embraced by audiences, critics, and academics across the globe. Receiving numerous awards for it's dynamic message, exploration of humanity, and tour-de-force cinematic visuals, LITFP continues to screen for educational institutions, community organizations, and acclaimed film festivals in an unrelenting pursuit to affect lasting impact on our world.

The challenge and the joy in creating this documentary was in incorporating the philosophical ideas of object-oriented ontology in order to blur the lines between all things, whether those things are human, non -human, climate, timescales, or the built environment. While refusing to apply the common demand for a tidy conclusion, Living in the Future's Past gives us the necessary keys to activate our ability to reason and to engage our flexible minds in the face of oncoming challenges .

- Susan Kucera - Director/Cinematographer/Editor